My Crafty Retreat

11th March 2018 .... final stages, it's almost complete!

Wall cupboards and shelves are all installed, as is the wall to wall worktop.  Pull out desk is assembled.  Base cupboards are assembled, they just need the handles putting on, and a thin top.

Latest pics ... ignore the lightshade, I have a new light fitting.

5th February 2018 ... it's beginning to look a lot like ... a craft room

Mr M has been quite busy this weekend, playing with his saws, drills and spirit levels, not to mention some new 'must have' boys toys that were essential to fit my craft room properly.

It isn't quite finished yet, but the bulk of the work has been done.  The worktop has been fitted, wall cupboards are up (just waiting delivery on the cupboard for the middle of the wall), computer and printed installed in their new cupboard.  The 'cubbie-hole shelves' still need fitting and the worktop upstand still needs securing to the wall ... but I can visualise how it will all look when it is finished.

A few pics ...

The light fitting will be changed! This was one I inherited with the house!  I've bought a new triple spotlight fitting, just need to remind Mr M to fit it ... there is also some under cabinet lighting to go under the wall cupboards, but need to wait for the middle cabinet to be fit first.

Cup of tea finished... back to work Mr M!

The worktop was reluctant to fit, but was persuaded by Mr M's mighty hammer ... and then he drilled a big hole in it for the computer cables ... 😕

The upstands hide the fact that the walls are not quite straight ... the cupboards still need legs adding.  The legs they came with are too high.

I kept my small Kallax units and my Bisley cabinet.  They are far too handy for a crafter to let them go!  

The drawers in front of the Kallax, under the worktop, just need some castors adding so I can wheel them out of the way when I am 'crafting'.   You might just notice an extra desktop under the left hand side of the worktop, above the cupboards with white doors.  That is my 'original' desktop.  It needs 2 legs adding, and it will become a swing out desk, for when I am crafting.  The drawers on castors will then go under that desktop.  When we do have visitors using the room as a bedroom, the desktop and drawers will be neatly tucked away under the worktop.

The cubbies and little drawers aren't in their final spots yet.  Not quite worked out where they will go.

Once the cabinet lighting is fixed, all the hanging cables will be magically hidden from view!

Well that's an update of where the refit is up to.  It really is quite a small, compact space, but hopefully I've made maximum use out of what I've got!  Although I have several boxes in the loft still to bring down and unpack!

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll update again when it's finished.

17 January 2018 - I started clearing shelves and packing away in readiness for my new crafty retreat! The brown/white wallpaper is a books pattern ... it might end up on one wall, not sure yet!

24 December 2017 - Original craft space was a combination of Ikea units and slves from B&Q, which are ideal, but they were not 'planned', they were put together! Desk surface space is sadly lacking!  Limited as to what I can do, as my crafty retreat is also spare bedroom, ironing room, grandchildren's play room! But it's getting a facelift! Watch this space!


  1. What a very inviting crafty space Heather...full of wonderful goodies. Beautiful retreat ....Take care... May

  2. Thanks May. This space kept me sane organising and reorganizing whilst I was off work for 10 weeks recuperating. I love your shelves,and will definitely have to look into something like that if I take up sewing again.

  3. What a lot of storage you have Heather. Everything is nice and neatly put in its place. Bet you find it much easier to find things than a lot of us.
    Hugs & Thanks for the visit to mine
    Neet 2 xx

  4. Have had trouble leaving a comment will try again.
    Heather, its a great pace to poke and peek around, well, done ons ahirng all the details with opus, drooling a little at some fo your arrangements especially the A4 drawer set, mine rather higgedly piggedly! I have joined your blog as an encourager and hope you might reciprocate an dpop over and join mine. If you do, leave a comment so know tis you, and I can link over a
    To your blog, you might get some more traffic etc.
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration!
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

    1. thanks Heather ever so much for popping over and joining my blog, I will welcome you and link over to your blog on my next post prob tomorrow for WOYWW all being well ... we will see!

  5. Hi Heather, I have been drooling over your craft area. Looking forward to seeing what your hubby omes up with.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #12

  6. Your craft space looks good to me but I can see why you might like the one you've found on-line, hope your dream comes true. Thanks for the visit to mine and have a great woyww. Angela x12x