Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Good morning Julia and all the WOYWWers!  Congratulations on the 9th Anniversary.  That's a fantastic achievement!  Hop on over to The Stamping Ground  if you want to know what this amazing blog hop is all about!

My side desk has the ATCs all ready to go, some new promarkers that arrived yesterday and my little basket of 6x6 papers.

My main desk has the ATC for the next person on the list ... and a couple of spares.  I did a distance shot today, so you can see how all my cupboards are filling up! I need some more of the shoe boxes ... then I know where everything is!

Short post for me today .... have a lovely week, and I can't wait to see everyone's ATCs.  Please leave a comment if you stop by, I love to go read them! Take care, Heather xx

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Good morning and Happy WOYWW to Julia and the rest of the WOYWWers!  I had to prepare this post on Tuesday night, as I have a very early hospital appointment in Manchester and would not have time otherwise.  My visits will be when I return from hospital!

Oh my, I can't get over it .... I've actually made some ATCs.  I had made a singular one a few months ago, and kept it out of sentimental value that it might be my one and only, but .... over the weekend, I just started tinkering, or should that be crafting and inspiration struck!  I settled at my desk, and blow me down with a feather, 9 ATCs were slowly born.  Obviously I cannot show them just yet, but ... I now have a little stash to take part in the swap! No need for panic, the crisis has been diverted!  They may not be the best, or the most colourful, and they may be a wee bit basic, I'm not even sure if there is a set thickness of card to be used! but ... they are my babies!  The unlucky recipients who have the misfortune to receive one, and will have to duly oooh and aaaah over them (To avoid hurting my feelings lol) are (in no particular order):

Annie (Wipso)
Jo (Twiglet)
And my PIF of course!
Neet - I'm not sure if you still wanted to swap, as I wasn't ready in time for Happy Stampers?

On to the reason we are all here, my desk.  Side desk has the finished ATCs on it, cunningly covered with blue roll!  There are also some pages out of magazines that I want to keep.  I had dozens of magazines and could not face looking through them all for that one card I know I had seen that I wanted to make, or a tip sheet on a technique I wanted to try.  So I am taking out the pages that interest me and binning the rest of the mag!

My main desk has the spoils from a Create and Craft order - some BoBunny glittery stuff, some jewelled card and a pack of glues/tapes, and my purchases from Happy Stampers.  It was great to see the wonderful Neet again, and also meet Sarah for the first time.  Both are lovely ladies, and I can't wait to meet the rest of you at the crop in September.

I was undecided about the big stamp from Inkylicious but took the plunge.  Lavinia Stamps lured me in as I passed by, and Sarah showed me some embossing powders she had bought that were a real bargain, so ... I had to, didn't I?  But I was well behaved.  I only took cash, and whatever I bought had to fit in the little carrier bag I took with me which was slightly bigger than an A4 sheet of paper!  How's that for willpower, self control, call it what you will.

I'm slightly annoyed that an order I placed online in March has still not been delivered despite repeat assurances that it has been posted.  I've ordered half a dozen oxide inks, as I really do like the effects - just frustrating now as its 2 months! Patience is not one of my virtues!  One more week and I will request a refund I think!

Have a lovely week, I hope the sun keeps shining!  Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment, or a hi, so I can return the visit! Take care, Heather xx

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Good morning all,

I'm back!  All refreshed and ready for another round of WoYWW!  The cruise was fantastic, and as soon as Mr M has done what he has to do with his photos, I'll put a few on a post.  Meanwhile... Room with a view in Barbados

With the help of the cruise line, I had arranged a couple of surprises for Mr M for our first wedding anniversary, which we celebrated towards the end of the cruise.  One was a deluxe breakfast in our cabin ... two large trays with 5 plates of food on one of them - I did point out there were only two of us! A surprise for me was that the cruise line had upgraded our cabin, which was quite lovely of them.

My desk is not quite as glamorous ... in fact quite boring, as I haven't done any crafting since I returned.  Side desk has a colouring book and pencils, and some artwork we bought in Barbados and Tenerife.

Main desk has some Sweet Poppy stencils I bought in the sale, and a Chloe die I bought on Sunday, which seemed to be a bargain price!  I managed to save a few pennies to spend on Saturday at Happy Stampers, and think I might just write a list of what I want to buy, as my mind goes blank when I wander round!  I'll wear my WOYWW badge, so please say hi if you spot me!

I'm hoping to make some ATCs and take part in the swap, but I've only ever made one ATC so nerves might get the better of me.  However, if anyone wants to swap, then please use the contact link to the right, to email me your name and address and that will undoubtedly force me into action.  

Have a lovely week, Heather x

Wednesday, 4 April 2018


Good morning fellow deskers.  Wednesday is here once more!  I hope you all had a lovely Easter and are ready for a round of desk hopping courtesy of Julia and WOYWW 461

Inbetween taking my grandsons for breakfast with the Easter Bunny, and meeting one of my daughters for a lunch and shopping date, I did manage to make a few cards.  Mainly because we are going on holiday for 2 weeks on Sunday, and we shall miss two grandchildren's birthdays.

One is a Batman fan, so there was only one choice for his card!

The other is a girly girl who loves pink and flowers.  Easy enough.

They were born exactly one year apart and share a birthday, which does help with planning the parties - apart from one lives in Yorkshire and one lives in Lancashire!

Ah well, such is life!

I made three birthday cards for stock, and then got adventurous with distress oxides and stencil pastes, and voila!

This prompted a visit to Sweet Poppy website to order some more stencils.  I also watched some you tube videos and now need to buy some mica powder to add to translucent paste to give me more colours! This crafting shopping list is never ending! But I am having fun!  I got my ticket to Port Sunlight, so my next shopping spree can wait till then.

Ok, the reason why we are here ... desk shot!  Fairly tidy as grandsons came for a sleepover at Easter.  I made the cards after they had gone, and generally (time permitting) I do tidy up when I've finished crafting.  Although I am getting tempted not to, as I now have so many drawers and shelves I can't remember where I put everything away!

There are my clean stencil and wedges that I left to dry.  Stencil paste pots, new water bottle and my distress oxides.  A couple of mags that I bought this week, and one of the cards I made.  The pic looks a bit dark and gloomy - must remember to put the light on next time!

I will be without a desk for the next two weeks, as we cruise from Barbados to Europe, so I will catch up with you all in 3 weeks time!

Apologies I didn't manage to visit everyone last week - work and Easter took up most of my time.  I'll try my best this week! Heather x

Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Good evening all.  Sorry I was AWOL last week.  I had to go to hospital for some tests, and it completely disrupted my week!  But I have returned for another round of WOYWW

The Scan & Cut has been in action, making some labels for my daughter for her pantry... and then making some for me!  For a first attempt they did not turn out too bad.  The biggest issue was figuring out how to print and then cut, without it cutting out all the letters.  I must have been a man in a former life as I hate reading instructions!

On my other desk are some cards I made using the  techniques I learnt at the workshop I attended.

I'm liking my new brayer!  So much so I ordered some more distress oxides, but haven't received them yet.  

I have also sent off for a ticket for Port Sunlight, so hopefully I will get one, and meet some more of you!  

Late post for me today and I will do my desk hopping as soon as I can. Heather x

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Hello fellow deskers.  Wednesday again, so another session of cardiac rehab for me, and a round of desk hopping courtesy of Julia and WOYWW.

I had a lovely time at the Lavinia Stamps workshop at The Craft Range with Amanda Branston. I learnt some useful techniques, and met a lovely group of ladies.  I made 4 cards, but the last one was not finished, and I messed it up when I got home, so here are the 3 I was happy with.

Throughout the day I was tempted to buy a few bits and pieces, namely my first Distress Oxides.  I also invested in a soft brayer, as mine is a hard one, and I could never get it looking right.  Sadly Craft Range was out of stock of the Versafine Clair Nocturne.

My stash for the day

There were some old music sheets on sale with proceeds going to the local hospice. Only 20p each, so I bought a few.  I think I'll use them for crafting rather than singing! 

Amanda also shared with us her storage for ink blenders.  She uses laminated sheets with bits of Velcro on them, but as I don't have anywhere near the full set of oxides, I copied the idea but used plastic wallets and acetate sheets.  That way I can add to them, as I buy more.

I'm already looking forward to my next workshop, and I haven't even booked it yet.  I don't even know when/where it will be!! 

So, onto my desk picture, the reason we are here!  I carried on with my travel scrapbook this weekend, so there are lots of bits and pieces related to that on my desk.   I can't do much more till I choose what photos I want Mr M to print off.  A job for a lazy Sunday afternoon ...

On my other desk, are the contents of my craft bag from the workshop - things I took and things I bought, together with a pic of the craft bag that Mr M kindly bought me. It's only small, so doesn't hold much - maybe Mr M's way of making sure I don't overspend?  Good job I took a carrier bag with me! Hehe!!  I also made two cards using one of the Lavinia Stamps I have, practising with the new brayer.  Not perfect but I'm sure the more I use it, the better the results will be. 

I'll do my desk visiting this evening when I get home from work, and possibly tomorrow.  Please leave a comment, I love to read them! Heather xx

Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Hello to everyone!  Another week has passed by and time to show and tell for WOYWW courtesy of our lovely leader Julia.

Highlight of the weekend was the Leigh Papercraft show, where I met our lovely Neet, who was demo-ing.  I had realised Neet might not recognise me without my big hat and sunglasses, so I did remember to wear my WOYWW badge, as it wasn't quite the weather for sunglasses.  And yes, she is a lovely babe. I am looking forward to meeting the rest of you at the Crop.

I might have spent a bit more at the show than I intended, but they were essentials, honestly!  The majority was at Sweet Poppy ... things were just calling to me. And next stop Inkylicious, as well as a couple of stamps I bought an MDF stand for my Ink Dusters.  I had intended to buy my first Distress Oxides but ran out of money.  I don't take my debit card for a very good reason - I know what I'm like!

Next photo is my desk on Monday evening, showing off the lighting on the desk, and the partially assembled holder for my Ink Dusters.  I covered each piece in black gesso, and also embossed a piece of black card for each end, and used gilding wax to fancy it up.  I then tried to assemble all the parts ...

... Sadly I broke the top handle trying to push it through the slot. When I say push, I was actually bashing it through, and split it.  Hence a temporary repair job with glitter washi tape,  until I work out a permanent fix.  I must learn not to be so heavy handed.  I am quite pleased at my first real attempt at using gilding wax (Thank you Zsuzsa for the inspiration).

Mr M has ordered me a craft bag to take to the Lavinia Stamps workshop on Saturday, so am looking forward to receiving that when I get home from work later today.

Thanks for stopping by, and please do leave a message.  I love to read them.  Heather x